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USB 3.0 & Thrustmaster Warthog


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I seem to have a very puzzling issue with just a single peripheral and how it behaves with USB 3.0 on my rig.


I had for years run a Warthog joystick with no issues at all, along side a number of other devices including the throttle unit, pedals, printer etc.


Just a few months back, the joystick went down. The issue has been determined to be the main card blowing. To cut a long story short, the issue was resolved with a new joystick.


After a few days, the new joystick blew in the same way. Again it was replaced. Now, after less than a week, it has happened yet again, but no other peripheral has been affected.


Is this a sign that Thrustmaster have a poorly designed main board, or could the USB 3.0 ports on my PC be causing the problem?


Any electricians out there who can point me in the right direction to identify and resolve this mess?

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