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How to choose credible bort numbers and (red) callsigns?

Bogey Jammer

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Hi all,


I'm tired to always ask to myself what number/callsign I must set to each aircraft.


For the russian aircrafts' bort number, I got some answers from here. But is it ok to define random numbers ? Or do they have some logic like consecutive numbering because a squadron's aircrafts were probably from the same production batch ?

What were the soviet rules for callsigns ? Were they just color+bort number ? Do I just have to copy the bort number into the callsign field in the mission editor ?


About the US Navy aircraft, it seems to be clearer but more complex (and funnier) according to this wikipedia article. However, according to this article the digits 8 or 9 are not to be used. Is it true?


Except some exceptions (F-5E?), bort number for USAF affects the three digits on the aircraft on the right of AF/fiscal year made block. But I've not managed to find the signification yet…


More information is welcome :)

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