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Trackclip pro wireless solution on the cheap


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This subject was probably beaten to death in the past but I decided to go ahead and make my TrackClip Pro wireless. Because since I bought the wireless headset there is nothing more annoying than to be still tethered by the bloody Trackclip power cable :music_whistling:




So idea is to make reasonably long lasting rechargeable power solution on the cheap. Part list with prices is below. I won’t include tools or insulting tape I had lying around.

  1. 1. Battery – Nokia Li-ion BL-4C 3.7V 860mAh - £2 on eBay
  2. 2. Charging circuit - Adafruit Micro Lipo w/MicroUSB Jack - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - £7 on eBay
  3. 3. Adafruit JST-PH Battery Extension Cable – £2 on cpc.farnell.com
  4. 4. Self Adhesive Sticky Back velcro tape - £2 on eBay
  5. 5. Micro USB cable to charge the battery, (unless you don’t have one - £1 on eBay)


Now, why I decided to choose this battery? First, it’s very cheap, has small and light form factor, it’s really thin and has easy to solder terminals. Also Li-ion batteries have better energy density and self-discharge characteristics then common RC Lipo batteries.


Based on my personal experience the Trackclip pro doesn’t really need 5V power and works just as good on the good 3.7v power source.


If for some reason you wish to attach a bigger or different battery there is excellent guide with sizes and terminal layouts for Nokia batteries HERE.


I should mention that you will have to cripple your Trackclip permanently in the process and also some simple soldering will be required for this mod. Now, there is way to still reuse the redundant USB cable by crimping a simple JST-PH 1s 2 pin plug to it (the one left from Adafruit JST-PH Battery Extension Cable will do) and keep it as an emergency power supply.



Step1. Solder the JST-PH cable, which came with the charger board, to battery and wrap it in the insulating tape to secure the solder. Cut the Velcro and apply it to the battery and back of the TrackClip. You can go with the double sided tape if you prefer the permanent solution, but I wanted mine removable. What’s great with the Velcro you can also apply it on the headset if you prefer to stick the battery there.










Step2. Solder close the jumper on the charger board to change to charging current from 100mA to 500mA. This will shorten the charging time from overnight to around 2.5 hrs. Don’t worry this will not kill the battery. It’s designed to take fast charge at this rate.






Step3. Desolder the USB cable from the Trackclip and solder previously cut JST-PH extension cable instead. You can hot glue the solder and cable or at least make a knot in the enclosure to avoid pulling it out at some point during the usage.








Step4. Done! Enjoy the untethered experience.




Optional step 4. Make emergency power cable. Solder what's left from the Adafruit JST-PH Battery Extension Cable and Trackclip USB power cord together.





I’m yet to test the battery life but I expect several hours on one charge.:thumbup:


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Wow..we did it this 4 years ago much less invasive and simpler. Also you can leave the USB attached in case you ever needed direct power. But I have to say my battery has never died and I never had to direct connect In those last 4 years.


But hey nice job and thanks for sharing


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