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A-10C Module Trouble

Mad Dog 7.62

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So...installed 1.5. Went to module manager and installed all my modules EXCEPT A-10C which did not show up. SO, copied A-10C files from my regular install to the Beta 1.5 install. Now it shows up in module manager but won't let me fly it (AI only). When I click on serial number in module manager it says No Key and it won't let me manually enter my serial number. I have had A-10C since the beta years ago. How do I get it activated in 1.5? Works fine in my other install along with all my other modules BTW. Thanks for any help!!



Gigabyte GA97XSLI

Core i7 4790 @ 4.0 Ghz

MSI GTX 1080ti

32 Mb RAM DDR3-2133

512GB SSD for DCS

HP Reverb VR HMD

Thrustmaster Warthog & MFG Crosswind

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