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Crash with images in "briefing images panel"


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I spent about 4 hours making a mission, tested it piece by piece and everything was fine. Once I was happy with progress, I added a few images into the "briefing images panel" for blue and red team.


Every time I would load the mission into multiplayer it would crash as soon as I picked a unit to fly. I thought it was just a multiplayer problem. I went back into the mission editor, and started removing each AI unit piece by piece thinking there was a conflict somewhere. Continuous crashes every time I would try to pick a unit to fly. Removed everything off the map except for one SU-25, and would still crash every time I would click the unit to fly it. Tried setting all the weather back to default settings, still crashing.


I went into the images that I added (just a screencap of the F10 map for red and blue team). I removed the two picture files from "briefing images panel" and reloaded the mission. When I clicked the only jet left in the mission it worked fine.


I reloaded the original mission I had been working on with all AI units, went to Briefing Images Panel and removed the same two picture files, and the problem went away. So somewhere there is a problem with briefing images. Once removed everything is fine again.



16 GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM


Windows 10

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Same problem here too, removing pics stops the crash. If I re-add the pics on editor it loads without problems, but every once in a while the pictures disappear again and theres a cammo pattern (picture not found) replacing it. This part of the editor needs to be modernized.

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rename your pics before reload them in the mission and use "save as".

It seems that ME keep the memory of the corrupted file.


This bugs appears when DCS seems to be opened for a long time ( memory dump when saving the mission ?) or in a quick modif and save in ME, after a mission test.


If you open the miz file with winrar you'll see that the pics are disapeared from miz folder.


all my skins :



Core i7-4790 @ 3.6- 4GHz - 16GB

- nVidia RTX 2070 - 2xSSD -

GRANDIN TV screen 39" in 1920x1080 cockpit scale 1:1

- MS FFB2 Joystick

- DIY MIDI Throttle with 14 analogic sliders and knobs

- Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals


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