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When I choose my sight fov as normal zoom in or out the track IR wont do it.. only when track IR is off..


Am I missing something ? Thx



Trickir zoom is bond to axis and you have to move your head



if you want you can unbind Z-axis trir, then you can zoom (I think i remember) with key or buttons

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Yes Thanks: But here why :)

The Z axis is set for Track IR which shouldn't fro the go. Z should be first by moving head forward or back not zoom-in This need correction.. if people want to zoom well they add it.




I set my control for Track IR "Only" when Track IR is "ON" and it appear in the controls settings. If have the misfortune ( which happen a lot ) to launch DCS with out Track IR, It will not appear in my controls unlike before and then when I do turn ON my Track IR the settings are back to default which has the zoom in on Z axis of the Track IR


So I concluded this is a Bug of controls setting.

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Hello Everyone,


I noticed if I have my Track-IR paused when I start DCS 1.5 Beta, sometimes it does not recognize it.


So far, if I have Track-IR active when I start DCS 1.5 Beta, it seems to recognize it.



Thank you,


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Mine works in DCS as long as I start it BEFORE starting DCS.


The only thing it wont do and my only W10 issue is that TIR refusues to autostart, no matter what I do and set, it will not launch with the user logging in. Might be related....

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I have not had a single issue with my Track IR5 - I always start and check it before I start DCS up.

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I have not had an issue with TIR in DCS 1.5 yet either, but I do always start the TIR software up and have it active first before launching DCS.

Don B

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