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1.5 Radar detection issues


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Goodmorning everyone.

I introduce my self because it is the first time I write on this forum. I'm Italian, I am 36 years old, use X-plane for about 10 years. I know DCS from 7 months to 6 passed on Mig 21. I love this plane and especially its cockpit.

Now... i also have found exactly the same "problem".

In many case i have visual contact with the target but does not appear on the radar and i can not figure out if it is friend or foe.

It is possible in the future to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the radar screen?

It would be easiest to recognize target (friend or foe) and lock on.

Thank you and good day to all.

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It is essentialy soviet style avionics from the 60's. Those were not the most advanced devices. The MiG-21 relied on ground based radars for intercept. The IFF function is explained in the manual. Basically, you just push one of the eight buttons above the radar-scope. (I think it was the third one from the top-row.) The "-" contacts are enemy and the "="contacts are friendly. Contacts appearing and dissapearing is a normal thing in this airplane.

Happy Flying! :pilotfly:

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