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Calling up briefing window causes map to lose Icons


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I will try and narrow this down more. Not sure exactly which sub forum this belongs in.


I have had this happen twice now. I'm playing the KA-50 Georgian hammer campaign which i have edited to allow CA (by enabling the Pilot can control ground units in each mission). I have the map icons set to Fog of War.


It seems that if you are on the map view ( or if you go to the map view after) and you open up the mission briefing, using the escape menu, When you return to the map:-

Unit Icons have disappeared

The floating health bar is still visible

However the floating health bar remains stationary on the map view if you move the map.

Keys such as F1, F2, F7 etc which control the view of units stops working.

F12 still works.


Restarting the mission clears up the problem but I have not found any other way that will.


I believe I may have also seen this behavior with the Mission score window too but I may have also used the briefing that time.

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OK I can confirm this happens with stock mission.


Using Fog of War map icons


Start the A10c Campaign Georgian hammer with CA.


Go to F10 view and zoom out till you can see the ground forces.


Press escape and call up the briefing window.


Back out using back and cancel for all the prompts.


The Icons will have disappeared and the issues i listed in the first post are evident.

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OK here is a quick mission to show the problem.


I have gone back and checked with other missions and it seems to happen on all.


It also happens if you call up the briefing window with Lalt-B.


Note it does not happen if you click on the fly button in the briefing window. It only happens if you click the Back option then keep choosing the back and cancel options.


Maybe doing that unassigns you from a team and then the disappearing Icons would be correct. The bit that would be wrong would be the floating health bars.


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Narrowed it down.


Its not the briefing window itself. The problem stems from the Choice of Coalition window. You can get to it by selecting back twice from the briefing window.


Regardless of whether you choose cancel or Whether you select a side and continue through the bug will appear.


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