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Multiplayer Crash


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Idem dito for me :( multiplayer at the moment is not working at all for me.


I start up my aircraft... taxi to the runway and take off....from the moment i'm in the air, my game crashes to desktop. Another issue i have with the mp is that sometimes when i join a server, i end up looking from a top view to the map, with nothing happening any further. I is like it got stuck in the loading process. When in that position, i can move freely with my mouse and look around + zooming feels exponential...but i cant get out of it "esc"key doesnt work, so i have to open task manager to quit the game. One final thing stat often happens to me in mp...is that while loading, the screen turns black with some weird lines and dots (kind off like a starry night). Eventually this is not a problem, as most of the times it loads past that point and throws me in the game (It just looks a bit weird).

As far for the memory leak, my system runs on 12gb ram and gtx 770m.

Hopefully they can resolve these issues quickly, i hope my input has some value for the developpers.

(Sorry for my english... As it is not my native language)





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