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Menu Wallpapers for 4k Resolution


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As I was annoyed with the menu wallpapers being stretched at my native 4k resolution, I decided to increase the size of the wallpapers.


I also fixed the menu bar, that was too small for 4k screens.


Should make the menu look much nicer for those with 4k monitors...


Compatible with 1.5 Beta and backwards compatible with previous versions. I recommend installing this with JSGME.


Download here:



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PC Specs / Hardware: MSI z370 Gaming Plus Mainboard, Intel 8700k @ 5GHz, MSI Sea Hawk 2080 Ti @ 2100MHz, 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM

Displays: Philips BDM4065UC 60Hz 4K UHD Screen, Pimax 8KX

Controllers / Peripherals: VPC MongoosT-50, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, modded MS FFB2/CH Combatstick, MFG Crosswind Pedals, Gametrix JetSeat

OS: Windows 10 Home Creator's Update

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