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Brake air pressure bug & button mapping bugs


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Not sure if this is the right place for this but I found a few Mig-21Bis bugs in DCS 1.5 Beta - one that prevents me from flying.


Airbrake Pressure: When I climb into the pit, and am started and ready to taxi (for this I used a hot start), if I press the brake (note I use a controller axis, not a button) then the air pressure starts to decrease and continues to decrease even after I release the brake pressure on the axis. It's as if the sim hasn't registered the "release brake" message. I haven't tried this using the keyboard to brake.


The button mappings for flaps have disappeared. I now have to use F to lower then and Shift-F to raise them, rather than as previously I had three controller buttons specifically set to each setting (Up, T/O, and Landing).


The button mappings for airbrakes have disappeared. I can only find the simplified Airbrakes ON/OFF setting making it a toggle action like the FC3 aircraft.


These are the one's I've noticed thus far. I hope this helps


Kind Regards




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