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42nd Virtual Fighting Group launch


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I am delighted to announce that the spin up group we started back in March finally made it to official launch. We are a 90's module centric, traditional virtual fighting group currently at 12 very active members and four pipeline, based primarily in the UK.


This is a message of thanks to the community and the game developers for providing the fun on which we spend so much of our time. There are specific people reading who contributed to our success, many of them who left their legacy on these very forums and contribute to our enjoiyment with this simulation, with information, code, documentation, processes or real time help.


We are currently full on applicants, please do not apply but we are interested to hear of other EU groups looking to partner for large scale exercises or other community events. Our dedicated server will return to 24/7 public use once 1.5 is ready again.


Thank-you community.



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An excellent bunch and Im not just saying thats as I've joined up under their cadet program.

Throughly pleasant bunch, well organised and very knowledgable on all aspects of the aircraft they fly.

Im looking forward to learning a lot more about DCS and its modules and flying with the 42nd in many upcoming events.

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And lo, Reverend Vegas did say "Take forth unto the infidel the mighty GAU 8 and expend its holy 30MM so that freedom will be brung upon them who knoweth not the joys of BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT"



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Many many thanks especially to Mule who made this happen, and House ofcourse for his knowledge of, well, almost anything, and his patience to learn it to others (like me). And to Smudge for his great vids. And Jacks and Maddog for the missions, and Debug for his technical know-how, and Moto and Rusky and.. and.. and..


Well so much for my Academy-Winner-Thank-You-All-Speech, seriously now: DCS is a great, great game (no it's not) and there are some guys (looking at you Mike, and at you, Emil) who make this great sim even greater by spending a tremendous lot of time, patience and energy. A really massive concentration of knowledge and fun, that's what 42VFG is all about. Kudos!!

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Welcome and good luck!

Hope we are able to conduct som combined events sometime!



Best of luck from the 132nd Virtual Wing

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes

turned skyward for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"


132nd Public documents - Want to apply? - 132nd Youtube channel - 132nd Discord Channel

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