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[CLOSED, NO BUG] Trim Warthog HOTAS not working

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As with version 1.2, the trim functions for the warthog are wrong.

In settings they have the default values of RCTRL + hat1 value.

You have to remove the right control modifier because the key binding has already the right control in its string.

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Confirmed, the hat-switch defaults to some "view up/down/left/right" now.

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That is not a bug. Not everyone has Track IR, so the view controls are mapped for those users. It is easily changed and all of us Warthog/TIR owners have been doing it since the A-10C was released.


EDIT: @OP If you hold the RCtrl key and move the trim hat, you will get proper trimming. It works just fine even though you might not want it configured that way.

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