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Multiplayer mission - Ukranian Attack

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mnogie v multiplayere menya prosili vilazhit' etu missiju dlja downloading, vot, vilazhu zdes' i budu davat' ssilki


this topic is for those who have been asking about ukr-attack 16 pers 8x8 mission. you can download it from here now.


the mission -

a lot of AI planes have its own anti-ground and anti-ait missions. reds su25's must destroy ukranian ground forces on russian territory, blues a10 must destroy russian forces on Anapa airport area.

reds and blues interceptors have to destroy all enemies in the air. please pay attantion thet AIs planes are taking off from its airports every 10/20 minutes during first hour of the battle. russian su33 has anti-sea aims and it's very important to destroy blues ships as fast as possible!


v.3 of the mission -



v.4 of the mission -



... lai dzivo Latvija!

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