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504th KIAP online naval wing proudly presents


Immersive Su-33 cooperative multiplayer mission: "KILO HIJACK"


Available on http://www.lockon.ru webpage under USERSFILES/MISSION section.


Screenshots that I posted in Xealot's cool screenshots thread were from this mission.

Here they are: click

They show just beginning of the mission. No spoilers! :)


MISSION TIME (ingame): START 21:10



We are facing possibly the greatest winter in last 200 years. Some would call it even apocalyptic but right now we have even greater problem.

Comrades! Listen up!

One week ago we have completely lost contact with one of our brand new Kilo class submarines. Due to heavy winter storms in last weeks search and rescue operation was unsuccessfull. To make matters worse ship was equipped with experimental technologies of very high value to us and enemy intelligence. I alone here don't even know what is on this ship, but I do know that both we and our enemies want to capture this submarine safe and intact.

Today morning our intel reported increased activity of NATO forces over Black Sea.

Later this day our intel received information that the enemy very possibly knows the position of our lost Kilo class submarine and is tempted to capture it by using horrible weather as cover and military exercises as excuse for their presence in this sector. NATO Command denied that they know anything about our submarine. They also denied that any of their ships has captured our submarine.

Half an hour ago we received high priority order to immidiately prepare for antiship strike. Our intel acquired information that Turkish frigate has captured and boarded our Kilo class submarine. We can't take any chances now. We can only assume what happened to Kilo crew and their commanding officers. We are not here to judge. We're here to act.

One of our antisub Tu-95 aircrafts confirmed the location of Turkish frigate accompanied by smaller ship believed to be our lost sub. Both ships are not moving.

You will be send to destroy the frigate and leave submarine intact. There's possibility that it might sank together with frigate that is in very close proximity and probably preparing to tow the submarine.

We cannot count on any fighter support from our Airforce friends. Snowing over the continent is even worse and snow rendered our runways too dangerous for smaller aircrafts. Getting these runways back into operation might take too much time and we need to act now! That's the direct order from the highest command! Expect enemy fighters in the area. On the southern side of Black Sea and northern Turkey weather conditions were in last hour less extreme and allowed NATO aircrafts to take off and reach safe altitudes. Try to avoid enemy fighters as much as you can. Speed is critical! But watch your fuel! Your primary target's position has been sent by Tu-95 crew. Your missiles have been programmed and are ready.



Destroy Turkish frigate.

Kilo class submarine must survive.



1* Kh-41 Antiship missile

4* R-27ER med-range air-to-air semi-radar missile

2* R-27ET med-range air-to-air infra-red missile

2* R-73 short range air-to-air infra-red missile

2* Sorbtsiya ECM jammer pod

FUEL 3760kg (40%)




Takeoff and randevouz with tanker between WP1 and WP2. Tanker is already flying loop between WP1 and WP2 and will reach WP1 at about 21:26 local time.

Refuel completely before reaching WP2 and proceed with mission.

WP3 is the attack waypoint.

After Kh-41 were deployed bug-out to our sector (WP1-WP2-WP4 triangle) as quickly as possible. Moscow class cruiser is providing airdefense there and you should be safe from any retalation.

Refuel before landing to have enough fuel in case of missed approaches.



Flight will approach target from NORTH. Deploy missiles according to ROE when in authorized range.



You must fire your Kh-41 missile only on headings: 180-090.

This is to assure that missile's flight path does not cross Kilo's position.

You're free to engage any direct air threats.











For wind information check end of briefing file




LockOn v1.12a compatible

Designed by 'shamandgg' aka (504)Shaman

Tested by 504th online squadron - Thank You!


This mission has been released in two versions: VETERAN and ACE; the diffrence is in slight changes to AI timings)


Since LockOn v1.12a does have only one spawn point on Kuznetsov class carrier for multiplayer-clients controlled planes it is very important that you load into the game in sequence. Player-host loads in first, taxis to the end of the deck and gives signal for another player to load in who then follows the same procedure. All four pilots have enough time to prepare themselves on deck and take-off to meet the tanker at WP1 at aprox. 21:26 local (ingame) time.

This mission is not designed for rookies. You'll need above average flying and combat skills, teamplay, communication skills (voice-comms), refueling skills (all planes should be fully refueled before reaching WP2) and of course some luck.

This mission simulates engine failure during takeoff and first minutes of climb (due to storm, icing, mechanical failure, etc. engine or engines may fail). However the chance that you'll loose 1 engine after takeoff is more like 1/100 or 2 engines like 1/10000 and even then decreases rapidly. I have flown this mission with my buddies many times and we never had any failure - but you might be the unlucky one :) In case of emergency jettison your weapons and return to carrier.


I've chosen myself what units are hidden from you on the map. Don't change that - because it will SPOIL your experience completely. Try to complete this mission first! Of course it is possible. The mission is not classified, so when you find it necessary, you are able to edit it.

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51PVO Founding member (DEC2007-)

100KIAP Founding member (DEC2018-)


:: Shaman aka [100☭] Shamansky

tail# 44 or 444

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] 100KIAP Regiment Early Warning & Control officer

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I smell ATI. One of my squadmates had simmilar problem. It was because his LockOn installation was screwed by playing with MODs and tweaks. That's probably it! Follow this clue!


The other possibility is - graphics driver settings. This mission is weather heavy. Try turning off Anisotropic filtering - if you are forcing any. Mission for sure works perfectly with Antialiasing forced setting both on NVIDIA and ATI. I also know that ATI users tend to crash in LockOn with overcast clouds? However (504)Breakshot who flew this mission with me several times somehow fixed it.


I think firstly you should make sure your LockOn is not broken because to many MODS and TWEAKS were previously installed on it.

I can assure you that this mission works perfectly with:

BOBOCOP OVERCAST MOD (this one I'm using, you can see it on the screenshots actually)

51PVO Founding member (DEC2007-)

100KIAP Founding member (DEC2018-)


:: Shaman aka [100☭] Shamansky

tail# 44 or 444

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] 100KIAP Regiment Early Warning & Control officer

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look at my sig, 7900GTX, I also tried it on my server (3500+/6800GT/1gig) with the same results.


My server install has 0 tweaks, but it does force aniso, I'll try without, thanks. (I wanted to throw it up in my =COOP=SRV in HL.) :)




So the problem here is ANISOTROPIC FILTERING...


wtf lol, I turned it off, and sure enough, it starts with no problems whatsoever... (I guess it s down to the weather/AF combination) a LockOn bug perhaps with texture filtering?


Thanks for the heads up. Problem is, clients trying to join with anisotropic filterin enabled will CTD :(

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lProblem is, clients trying to join with anisotropic filterin enabled will CTD :(

And the question is, do you really need AF for LockOn? Seen my screenies? No AF there. And when you stay in cockpit you'll actually see no diffrence anyway. But forget about it. That is for tech.discussion. Enjoy the mission. Tell me when you beat it without changing its settings :)

51PVO Founding member (DEC2007-)

100KIAP Founding member (DEC2018-)


:: Shaman aka [100☭] Shamansky

tail# 44 or 444

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] 100KIAP Regiment Early Warning & Control officer

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The bigger challenge will be having 4 pilots online @ the same time and capable of refueling in MP while following Daisy Duke. :)


PS: sometimes I got it to work with lower fog settings, but it was random, as it mostly crashed right after it was done loading.


And yes, I love AF. To me it seems to make the pit much sharper, we'd have to have a side to side comparation screenshot, maybe later :)

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