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ME coalition bug RED/BLUE


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  • 2 weeks later...

First time I experienced it as well. Ruined I mission I planned on playing.


ED needs to make a RU Aggressor coalition and place it on the RED side by default, and move the USA Aggressor coalition to BLUE by default. This way each coalition can place any unit on any side in the event an error was made when setting countries.


And of course, add an ability to change country coalitions on the fly.

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Man I just discovered this was an issue, hope this makes into one of the next updates.


It is probably already fixed in 2.0. Whenever 1.5 gets a patch it'll likely be fixed there.

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Yo,as this is already known I'll just put out some screens of it:




You can see I have Russia on Blue and Ukraine on Red alos notice on he map the northern plane is Blue and the southern is Red


But when you click on them , the red one is Russian:




and the Blue one is Ukrainian




Also before that had the same thing as the OP where Israel was defined on Red but it was Blue and also you could put USAF Aggressors on the map but when saved they disappeared, tho It works on the mission in the screens



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