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Video: Su-33 Carrier Operations.

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That's one of a little bundle of 'Flankers' I downloaded from AlphaSim for FS2004 a while back - in fact I think that is actually a Su-35. The d/l was very cheap and featured some great skins, although the flight modelling could do with being tweaked.

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hehee, sweet! thumb up for the effort DPS

I hate AlphaSim's flight models (fast movers), they are all space planes, but they have really good 3D modelers there.


I guess you also play in 1280x1024 while recording footage? Because you lost correct (4:3) aspect ratio in your movie. Try setting your lockon to 1280x960 for correct 4:3.

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I've also just noticed a mis-spell in the ZIP file name. It should of course be Donnerschlag and not Donnerslag - probably the Germanic goddess of loose women!


Oh, I can do better than that.



The Swedish word for Quality Control is spelt SlutKontroll.


Don't ask me how I know that . . . . . .



Video was pretty cool, but sadly contained two languages I didn't understand!


I think I've flown at least two of the missions featured in the vid, but can't remember why or when . . . . . .

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Good one, BGP. Every good business should have a good SlutKontroll department in place.

I was going to do French and English subtitles too, however my interest in the project started to wane. The Russian chaps over on the other side of the forum seem to being enjoying it.

The video is in fact based on my Su-33 campaign Operation Thunderclap which you can still find here:


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