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Embarking task bug if embarking helicopter is NOT a flight lead


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I noticed this issue: if an infantry group is assigned to a helicopter which is not the flight lead in a flight, then the flight doesn't go to the next waypoint after disembarking the group.

If I assign the group to the flight lead everything works fine.


I've tried both UH-1H and Mi-8MTV, different number of aircrafts in flight, moving troops to different distances, result is the same. 100% reproducible on my computer.


Condition: "Distribution" parameter is used in the "embarking" task and the designated aircraft is NOT the flight lead.


Result: The flight doesn't go to the next waypoint after disembarking units, but hovers above the landing zone.


I'm attaching the mission (flight of two UH-1H) and two tracks: Troops transport test 1.trk – troops board the leading aircraft (no bug), Troops transport test 2.trk – troops board the wingman (bug is present).

Troops transport test.miz

Troops transport test 1.trk

Troops transport test 2.trk

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