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[DUPLICATE] Torrent download thru Updater


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I'm downloading DCS 2.0 and I've been stuck at 1124.0 of 1124.6 download of update is this type of updater waiting for the files I downloaded to goto help someone download the game faster or is it just hung up. Because it should have downloaded the .6 of that file by now and moved on to the rest of the install. It's been stuck there over a hour now.

Lt. Commander Jason "Punisher" M

i7 10700K 5 GHz Quad Core, Water-cooled , 32GBs 2400 DDR4 RAM, MSI Intel Z470A GAMING MB, MSI RTX 3080 GPU W/10GBs GDDR6X, 512GB NVME.2 SSD, 1TB NVME.2 SSD, 2TB External SSD, 2 512Gb SSD's & 1 350 Gb HARDDRIVE, TM Warthog Stick and Throttle Quest 2, Windows 11 (64bit)

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