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[NO BUG] Question regarding "missing" terrain in 2.0


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After installing and downloading for better part of the day conclusion is that .. it is not open alpha at all ( because it is useless as it is without paying for terrain), but rather expensive upgrade or demo, call it how you like.


Please allow me to ask:


Why 2.0 version cant simply upgrade over my already existing files of Georgia theater, OR why it doesnt use Crimean theater ( which comes with FC series). T3 or T4 - i guess it should be compatible downwards?

Im not 1% interested in some map in USA where war is not likely to happen in next 60000 years. And i dont want to pay 50$ for it just to get 2.0 "open alpha" update - so dont force me to do so. I havent followed to the letter what happened in last 2 years and what deal had ED and that 3rd party which made the Nevada map, but honestly i dont care. Trying to push this map around like part you MUST buy in order to get new update is just bad.


I guess you need feedback - so let us provide you with feedback: For start, let me fly using already existing terrains i payed already, so i can actually see the changes & new tech. Then i might reconsider EVENTUALLY taking new map & aircrafts. Not until then. :mad:


Calling this "open alpha" in the meanwhile and then asking for $$$ the first thing you log in is just... laughable. Well i guess marketing comes 1st. Common sense 2nd.


You were on right track for a long time Ed, dont become greedy sharks now.:cry:

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What you, BigBadVuk, described is entirely your fault.



It was known ahead of time the initial 2.0a would only be compatible with NTTR. Georgia would follow sometime after being coverted.


If you want to be mad at someone, simply look in the mirror.

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