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New AMD drivers at AMD.com

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Hi all!


I read this forum a long time ago, but this is my first post :)

I'm still newbie to Lockon, but I learning :) :joystick: :book:


I had a 3800+ X2 and 7900GT, 2 GB DRR, etc ...

My only problem with dual core is when I try to check my FPS (Ctrl+BackSpace), I always get random numbers -100 to +120 :)


The only performance drop is when sometimes in low level flight or in smoke, the game is start lagging ...

I fly a hour with this new driver, but I dont see any lagging ... and I think the game is running more softly than before. :pilotfly:


Try it, I think this is a good stuff for us :)

(I don't see any benchmarks, or 3DMark, I don't play with these stuffz ... :) )


Sorry for my English :)

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Sounds interesting...


I alredy swear by this though: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781&highlight=dual+core+fix+gaming


I might give them a try later, but that link above cured all my issues :)


Ehhh ... I have a little problem with this topic ... I use Hungarian XP (MY girlfriend hate English XP ...) and the Microsoft hotfix only works with english XP :(


I have 1 or 2 games with dont work with Dualcore, (Small things ...) but I dont care ... I have more time to fly :)

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