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getting error code 3 when installing flaming cliffs

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error code 3


hi im also having this problem tried downloading 3 times now my isp bill is more than the game cost:music_whistling: were can i get the cd i live in new zealand thanx.. just to add ive read the forums on this i find conflicts over download managers and std explorer i tried both.thanx sorry didnt see this.


"I'm trying to install Flaming Cliffs \ Seasons Pack and getting "Error 3". What's wrong?"


The file you downloaded has been corrupted or is incomplete. This is a known issue with Internet Explorer when downloading large files. We suggest using a download manager, which supports RESUME function.


Go to Download->Files section of lockon.ru site and select your file by pressing "DOWNLOAD" button. You will get a choice of 2 mirrors, select a mirror and copy the URL of the file to clipboard. Then paste the URL from the clipboard to your favorite download manager.


When the download is complete, check the size of the files:


LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Seasons_Pack.exe:....179,849,577 bytes

LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Setup.exe:...............295,916,115 bytes

LO_1.1_Flaming_Cliffs_Movies_Pack.exe:......304,725,630 bytes



all 3 tries the file size is always 282.2mb for setup.exe so can i have the cd posted and pay the extra cost ? ok all up and running,with help from the russians cheers

evga e760 x58 3way mb

nvidia gtx 480sc sli

intell 980x

1860 dominaters triple channel

corsair 800d case

2xintell m160g gen 2 ssd in raid 0

corsair hx1000 psu

win 7 64 ult

all fully water cooled by ek

dell u2711 monitor 2560x1440



plus das keybrd

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