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Bass Shakers and Lomac

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Well, usualy I use my bass shakers for my racing sims, but today I decided to turn them on for a quick Su-33 mission and damn, I should have used them before.


First thing is the take off, going the runway feeling the bumps. Then in normal flight you still get subtle vibrations transimitted down your spine. You get this intense feeling when the afterburners are on, this thumping vibration.


I use the zzzspace sound pack, and the low frequency sounds for the shakers are just great.


If you havent tried lomac with bass shakers you must give it a try. It adds a whole new level of realism.




For those who dont know what bass shakers are, its basicly bass drivers withouht the cones, so they dont transmit sound but vibrations. So they behave accordingly to any sub 100hz sounds, be it engine revs or curns in case of race sims, or runway/tire noise/guns incase of lomac.

:Core2Duo @ 435FSB x 7 3.05GHz : ATI x1900xtx: 2GB Patriot @ 435Mhz : WD 250Gb UATA: Seagate 320Gb SATA2: X-Fi Platinum:

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