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Addon aircraft?

Guest Josiah Niedrauer

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Guest Josiah Niedrauer



I am looking to get Lock-On somewhere in the near future, when I can get my system upgraded anough to handle it, and I noticed, apparently LOMAC doesnt support any addon aircraft. Is that true? (I'm not talking about non-flyable aircraft coverted to flyable aircraft, I mean, completely new aircraft)

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No 3rd party flyable addons, correct. Only Eagle Dynamics creates aircrafts for this sim but they accept 3d party models for non-flyable aircrafts.


You can fly:

  • F-15C
  • A-10A
  • Su-27S
  • Su-33
  • MiG-29A
  • MiG-29S
  • Su-25
  • Su-25T
  • Ka-50 (soon)


I'm sure they will keep you busy for quite long :)

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