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Ultra high speed formation

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Here's a few shots of a high speed form ( arround 1000 ) and extremely low altitude ( arround 20 )



Trailer: WR=221=Frazer

n me ^^


here r the shots








i kinda mesed the last 1 :S

[-]SilverOne[-] [- Best Regards


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It helps, so that your screenshots dont totally look like mud :)


cool screens, bad IQ due to low res skins.


PS: since we are on the topic, what is the best way to maintain inverted level flight? trim or simple stick pressure? (I always drift up or down a bit)


Here's a HQ skin:



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While back ?? well ya talking like you know me, unfortunatly i can't remenber who you are, sorry have you got eney other nick names ?



Yeah that was my name for on the server only played 3 or 4 times but was great fun!


very differnet from the usual servers

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Nice flying, flying inverted is the most difficult for me. I have never quite been able to fly perfectly inverted in a strait line, but bob up and down.


BTW, The terrible looking skin in the first screenshot isn't because of a low quality skin, It's because his settings are simply too low. Just look at everything else...the water, ugh! What are your specs? How can you stand playing like that? heh...I used to play like that, But when I upgraded, it was a whole new world!




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Well guys, first of all, my computer isn't that fast and FPS are more important then anything else for formation flying. Secondly, about inverted flight, many ppl among us have a way to steep curve. This will give the plane more like a sports/aerobatic prop airplane feeling instead of a jet fighter feeling. No wonder that you can't fly straight and level when inverted. The most realistic (pitch) curve for the Su-27 is between 30 and 35%. My curve is at 33% If you want an even more real feeling you should use a little SHIFT, but don't go over 55%. Remember that more than 50% SHIFT will do no good for dogfighting since you don't have the full deflection. For solo aerobatics 53% SHIFT will still do fine.

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Using the "simulated" (developer) settings are usually the most accurate representation of the actual aircraft. Hence, why default sometimes is the best choice...:smilewink:


Messing around too much with settings and curves turns the sim into an arcade game. Who would have thought an outside loop was possible within 4,000ft in a F-15C? LOL...

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Just my two cents...



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Nice pics! :D

I've only tried some close formations (and inverted) when Lock On was just out with a buddy, but I used the F-15C as usual and he was using the Su-27, it was a bit tricky finding the exact same speed. :P

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The deafault settings are certainly far way from reality in my opinion. It is extremely stable around the center but the curve drops dramaticly when you are half the way. This makes it impossible to stay in formation when pulling into a loop and the smallest possible correction will drop you out of the formation or will make the nose bounce up and down all the time. I must also mention that my curve setting is ONLY GOOD for the Su-27. With other planes, like the mig, I use a totaly different curve. I almost never fly the F-15 and i'm prettey sure that you LD and the rest of the VTB found the best curve for the F-15 (F-16), which is closer to the default i know (also something to mention, the su-27 best manouvering speed for formation flying lays way below the F-15's manouvering speed. This means that we need to use more down the curve on average)

I'm flying formations for two years now and all that time I tried to find the best curve (for the Su-27) and finally I think I came very close to the "real thing". I say very close because in my opinion, lockon just sucks if you talk about how the pitch is made.

[Edit] Also good to mention, I use the X52. These curves will do good on most sticks I know, but if we are talking about the cougar WITH FSSB, I wouldn't know because I (sadly) never flew with it.[Edit]

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whats the best curve for the 45? i fly with the standard stuff right now , also very close formation.





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