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What improves the Black shark expansion?

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The main focus of the addon is on the Ka50 - there's no getting around that.



You will see feature upgrades and bug fixes that cover the other aircraft, and some of the improvements that were brought in for the chopper will be a benefit for fixed-wing aircraft - especially jets like the Su25 and A10 that share a vaguely similar anti-tank role to the Ka50.



I'm sure there'll be a couple of tweaks for the A2A fast jets - someone mentioned the AIM120C and B being separated, but I don't know if that's true or not - but ED seem to be keeping any of those features to themselves at the moment.



Either way, I'd wholeheartedly recommend buying Black Shark - you might like the chopper more than you expect, bugfixes and new features will be there, and of course you get to keep up to speed with everyone else in MP.

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And, the fixes always change things for -everyone- even though the other planes may not be -directly- 'fixed'


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

I used to play flight sims like you, but then I took a slammer to the knee - Yoda

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You assume everyone else will buy BS. There are some that haven't even bought FC.


True - but of those visiting the forums it seems to me that the majority have bought the addons. Shrug.



Those who haven't upgraded will probably use the same reasons: "OMFG Starforce why teh russian mudmovers unfiar bias!1!!one!", and I'd expect the majority of those who bought FC to take the logical step (and excellent decision) of upgrading to BS as well.



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Here a good reason to upgrade:


If you want to use my ACMI, you actually need to fly with FC or BS :P


Main reason I haven't upgraded is that the enhancements haven't been feature rich enough (I don't fly russian planes enough to justify upgrading, but the FC demo is pretty cool). There are still a lot of people flying 1.02 online (where I do all of my flying). Unless that stops, I don't think I'll get BS either, unless ED decided to apply AFM, clickable pits, or something, to the american planes.


IMO, it would behoove ED to make versions compatible online (i.e. leave the Flight models alone except for the plane they are adding [su-25 Ka-50], as this is the main reason versions aren't compatible in the first place).


If ED, in fact, come out with an F-16 sim, I will get that for sure!


Or even if they added a feature to BS (like DC, map creator tool as thebattlesim will have, or some other feature that interests me) I would get BS.


Might even be persuaded to get BS if FC's Su-25 was included...not sure on this one...


P.S. I couldn't care less about Starforce

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