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R550 Missile Volume


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I seem to hear it fine, but I have a headset, not speakers. what are your sound settings in the audio option. Try adjusting "in-cockpit" and "helmet" settings.....also there is a option for "hear like in helmet", what do you have that set to?

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Yes, Matra are home made and a lot more efficient than the others.

So always select Matra.

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Are you by any chance using my EDGE Sounpack mod?


I've personally toned down the noise of Magic missiles by 90% when in search mode cus it's pointless to have it up all the time


In any case you can manually bring it up if you go to


DCS World/Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/sound/sdef/cockpit/Magictone.sdf (Or something)


Open it with Notepad++ or Notepad and at the end add like


"Gain = 0" - To mute it

"Gain = 1" - To have original volume

"Gain = 5" - To increase the volume (You can put any number between 0.01 - 50)

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Somebody knows the difference between this missiles:

- Matra Magic II vs R550 Magic 2

- Matra Super 530D vs Super 530D



The ones that start with Matra are the ones that have been added/modeled by Razbam.


And they work much better and more realisticly.


And you should only ever use those that Start with Matra (Matra Magic II and Matra Super 530D)


the other ones (R.550 Magic 2 and Super 530D) are the old ED missiles and they are broken and pretty much useless atm.


So you should only ever use the Missiles that start with Matra.

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