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Nose steering "freezes"


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Hi, if the nose steering key is released before the steering (rudder) input the nose wheel sticks in whatever position it was in when the steering key was released. What's more strange is that it remains in that position even after the steering key is depressed again making the aircraft effectively uncontrollable on the ground. I have not found a reliable way to solve this as of yet although sometimes the steering returns to normal.


Is this normal behaviour or a bug? If it's normal, how would one go about avoiding it/remedying it when it happens?


Thanks in advance.

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Make sure you're tracking straight before disabling NWS.

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Exactly what Blaze says.


Also, from what I understand, it's not a bug, but simply the way steering the F86 works.

Someone will correct me on this but afaik, the mechanisms controlled by the pedal have to "catch" the wheel, so if you haven't returned the wheel to centre, when you release NWS it unlatches (the mechanism returns to centre, not the wheel) and will require you to relatch it.

There's also more fun as it's possible to get the wheel to be turned to a greater angle than the NWS can cope with, meaning you have to use the wheel brakes to bring it inline.


Here's what the irl pilots handbook manual says on the matter:


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I was wondering about this. I noticed it in the Sabre last night and could not remember the steering being as difficult as I was experiencing. This explains it ... I think :-).


We we found (flying online last night) is that the steering would get stuck in a direction and would not un-stick. In my case, I ended up with a drift to the left and no amount of right rudder, with the steering button engaged, would correct it. If I understand correctly, I would have had to put some left rudder in, to get the mechanism and nose wheel to latch, and then I would have been able to steer right (and not off the runway and/or taxiway).


Do I have that right?



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I have found it actually easier to not use the Sabre's NWS at all. Since it reacts so slowly, and is prone to alignment issues (unless careful about when to release as mentioned above), I use differential braking and can steer around just fine including precision taxiing and parking. Granted, I use rudder pedals with toe brakes, push button brakes would be a little more difficult, but I never have the problem of the steering getting misaligned and stuck.


Does the real Sabre NWS really react so slowly? can understand it not being instantaneous joystick type response, but it really is quite slow.

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