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map editor question.

Guest Tork

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hey all, been trying to find out how i can do this in the battle planner.


I want to be able to cut and copy, for example I place an F15 in the map, how can I duplicate it ? I tried ctrl c and ctrl v but that doesnt work. thanks

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You're looking at the Merge function


I only have used Merge to Copy a Flight in the original Mission.

This is the workflow that I used:


Open the mission in the the Editor,

Save what you mission are working on e.g. tester.mis

Select or make a flight that has Player on it

Click on File | Merge

Up will pop a list of files

Double-click on the one you are working on e.g. tester.mis

On the map should be a Merged Group

Drag the way points around to look at the group and player should be client

The MergedGroup contains the same path as the Selected Airgroup


What it does not contain and what you have to fix manually is:

You need to create the Attack points

You need to create the Land/Takeoff points

For each Waypoint you have to adjust the Altitude and Speed

If you have a 2-plane original flight, the MergedCopy becomes a 1-plane flight

Good news - you retain the payload


This is a very limited copy method - you can copy the player flight only.


Further testing shows you can only import/Merge-in the Player flight from another mission


My Flight Sims Page

- Link to My Blog - Sims and Things - DCS Stuff++

- Up-to-Speed Guides to the old Lockon A10A and Su-25T

- Some missions [needs update]

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