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What module to get next NTTR +?


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Morning all,


I am looking at getting the the NTTR and want to combine it with a 2-1 offer.


Who wants to give me some advise/tips on what to get.


I am an avid helicopter fan and the main reason I use DCS is to fly the Huey. Should I get the NTTR with the Mi-8? Or should I venture out and try my hand at the DCS classic, the DCS: A-10C Warthog?


I am a stickler of realism and simulation of the cockpit feel.


Perhaps I should wait till the Gazelle is on a 2 for one?








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Mi-8: big helo, muoy analog, very russian, flies like a dream albeit heavier, bigger and stronger than the Huey, it can carry up to 6 20 rocket pods (various warheads), bombs on the inner hsrdpoints, 23mm cannon pods or pods with 2x7.62mm and 1x12.7mm (or is it 14.5mm?) per pods on the middle pylons and 30mm rapid fire grenade launchers on the outer pods. It can sling load and is a fun helo to fly!


The A-10 is a different kind of joy! Robust, low-and-slow mean lean ground killer. The cockpit is a mix of old analog and new digital systems. It has a 30mm BRRRRT! Tank-eater cannon, AGM-65 maverick guided missiles, unguided rocket pods, and an array of laser guided, gps guided an unguided boms, a variery of pods and self defense AIM-9s, if you want to get close with tanks or blow them up from afar this one is great.


I hope my objective and brief summaries helped you decide, feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Modules: too many

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Get A10 if you dont have it. Keep flying Huey untill you get borred with helicopters and feal like trying something else for a change. After flying A10 and when wanting to get back to helicopters get Mi-8.

One thing to consider is that rotor in Huey and Mi8 turn in opposite direction. In result "rudder" and cyclick have to be countered in opposite side which makes switching betwen those helicopters confusing at the begining.

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You can't say DCS without the A-10. They're hand in hand. An awesome module, that put 'em on the map!

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Also, if you are into helos, I would recommend the KA-50. Much easier to fly once you get the hang of the autopilot and its wanting to murder you. You don't need to worry about torque from the rotor head. Systems are not as advanced as some would like, but still fun to fly and engage targets.


Huey is crazy fun to fly with all the manual adjustments needed to keep the damn thing straight and level. Takeoff and landing can get tricky until you get used to it. I also think it is pretty rad I can load it for bear with miniguns and the AI targets most weapons, sans rocket. This is the module I fly the most, atm.


Mi-8 is one big, heavily armed helo. Weapons aren't as smart as KA-50, if you can call the black shark's all that smart. Also fun to fly, and learn the systems. More complex than I would say the other two, but I also have the least experience with it. Don't fly it as much due to weird fps issues I have with it.


KA-50=sportscar Huey=pickup Mi-8=freight truck


A-10C is a DCS staple. Let's not forget the KA-50 predates the A-10C as a premium module, however. I love the A-10C, but unless you are willing to invest serious time learning the insane amount of systems and have a pretty damn good HOTAS, it may be a bit difficult to get into the A-10C. I don't play this as much, because I am lazy and don't want to program my new CH controls. :joystick:


Anyways, I am sorry if this got long winded, but I hope it helps you choose the module best for you. And welcome to DCS.

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KA-50 is the heart, soul and spirit of the DCS World, if that isn't the the collection and specially when being helicopter fan, it is like wouldn't have experienced DCS.

A-10C can be great CAS by the avionics and cockpit (and while I think Su-25T wins it by far more ways than cockpit operations) it is still something totally different for DCS. Like KA-50 that is requiring to "hangout" (read hover) and plan the attacks etc, the A-10C is similar but requires "delegant hand" not to break it as it is very fragile aircraft to fly and you need to take it to close ranges after you have spent all the mavericks.


I would take KA-50 or Mi-8 with the NTTR only because you get both cheaply. But I wouldn't take NTTR as is without A-10C because IMHO that map has nothing to offer for other modules as it is the "home map" for A-10C so you can just train easily the CAS operations as you have clean and good visibility to targets.


Once the DCSW 2.5 comes out with updated Caucasus map, then it is so that you want KA-50 as it will change lots of things with colliable trees, improved ground mesh and hopefully many other things that makes Caucasus not so much a "billiard table" where AI can see you and kill you but you can't see them because cardboard trees.


So, first to get A-10C and NTTR just to get a other side of the experience and you can always fly it with Su-25T as well.

And when 2.5 comes out, get the KA-50 and you get more enjoyment from it than NTTR itself.

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Well, the stock A1-0C campaign is not a total disaster, there are other that are much worse but at the same time it's rather repetitive. On the other hand it can be considered as a good point to learn after going through the training missions. There are however 2 really good DLC campaigns. Plus a lot of user missions/campaigns as also a lot to find on multiplayer servers. Overall due to it's history A10 comes probably with the most content in DCS.

Note that A10-C comes with ~600 pages manual and requires investing substantial amount of time to learn the systems. There are however a lot of great youtube tutorials as also much in depth materials that can be interesting for someone expressing further interest in the plane, tactics, procedures than what is stated in the manual.

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