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CH F-16 Combatstick


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I got my hands on this excellent joystick, it's an old gameport version, but it's same as newer USBs. I have no throttle module ATM.


So i was wondering, what you guys think of this piece of tech? It's ergonomics are great, after all it was designed for USAF. Materials are top-of-the line too, and overall construction, but $100-$150 tends to be a little expensive, considering that you dont get HOTAS for that money, and it has no force feedback.


And, what kind of mapping do you use with it in LOMAC? I use a modified version of mapping i use on my standard stick, Genius F-23 (i know, :megalol: ). That is : trigger-fire, thumb-lock, upper two buttons-cockpit zoom, lower multi-radar target designator, upper multi-point of view, sidebutton/basebutton-MFD zoom in/out. And of course, the only slider for throttle. It might seem like inappropriate mapping, but works for me, those are the functions that i use most in flight. Everything else - left hand at the keyboard.

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