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SU25-T Training video


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Hie all,

i have made a little video with my trainings tracks with the Su-25-t.

Waring : I am not a pilot neither a movie maker, so don't exepct too much if you do not want beeing disapointed :music_whistling:


For example, when i have done this video, i was not aware about the "Maj+esc" combination to place the camera :( Do not hesitate to give me some tips and advises.


Realease date : 01/10/2006

Infos : Air Sol, 12,10 min, MP4, 66 Mo

Soundtrack :

John Murphy - Mercado Nuevo

Propellerheads - On her Majesty's secret service

Solar Quest - Singtree

Download : http://lockon.fr/video/SU25T_panach.mp4


Many thanks to the moders, the skinners and to the all LOMAC community.

You can find some other of my videos on :


Lothamroth - www.Lockon.Fr - Vimeo Channel - Youtube Channel


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