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The Savages Movie by S77th

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Why don't you use another free host?


Like: http://www.rapidshare.de/ , even this http://www.rapidshare.ro/index.php is good... at least for me :) .


Curently downloading with opera and free download manager... Opera has 3 more hours to go (at one point there were 7minutes but...) and FDM is... 9 minutes to go... a little jumpy still :D.


I5 4670k, 32GB, GTX 1070, Thrustmaster TFRP, G940 Throttle extremely modded with Bodnar 0836X and Bu0836A,

Warthog Joystick with F-18 grip, Oculus Rift S - Almost all is made from gifts from friends, the most expensive parts at least

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rapidshare has a cap of 100mbs :mad: . Too many people might be downloading the file at once thats why DL speed changes. People have reported really fast downloads from filefront. It's being downloaded by too many people at the same time thats why a mirror would be good. Ill still look around maybe Jabog or Ironhand will host it. Maybe Mr. Wolf will be kind enough

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