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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, feel free to shut this down if that's the case.


The Hawk module lacks DME. I was hoping to use it as my Western IFR trainer, but the lack of DME kinda hampers that.


Does the module lackit because the actual aircraft lacks DME, as well?


That seems like an odd thing for a jet trainer to not carry.


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I dont think the real T1 had DME, someone will correct me if I am wrong


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It is a bit more complex, than yes or no... ;)




Edit: So you won't have DME but TACAN and VOR Navigation, so you can do triangulation... Challenging, especially with wind. Yet something that could be really cool in MP with backseat and one guy flying while the other plots a course with card and CR-3... :D

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I guess there are mostly TACANs on the Brittish isles then, eh? If that was exported to a country with more VOR-DME heavy areas (and a lack of TACANs, like Finland) you would've ordered a DME built in. Then again I guess the export hawks are mostly different variants with differing equipment.


The FiAF Mk51 for example doesn't have UHF radios at all. Only two VHF. No TACAN either. Just VOR/ILS and a DME.

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