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Spit on ground


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oops ,disgusting:)

Forget it:)


To be serious:

Spifire seems to have an out of scale comportment on rolling.

After binding a key or button to brakes.

Automatic radiator activated.

Did find the best way is to maintain RPM between 1500/1100 and no overtake.

To turn push appropriate pedal left or right,and apply brakes.

Remember dabbing better than holding.


On another part this behavior is observable in flight and give us advantage in dogfight.

Maybe it's due to an exagerate propellent coding?

The aircraft decrease too fast his speed when reduce throttle and increase as well,compared to other WW2 modules like BF109 and FW190.

I know that horse power was significant on this kind of planes.But i don't think that German aircrafts were fitted with more weak engines.


Maybe a slightly patched thing, could fix it and the same time please change propeller animation sightable in cockpit.Not only is unrealistic,but also drops down frame rate drastickly.


Wish to all of you a Merry christmas.

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