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Radar training mission (unable to join Colt41)


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Hi all,

I had to go through some of the mission a couple of times, but it's been an amazingly immersive experience so far! Congrats to Baltic.


Can't get through the first stage of the radar training mission tho'. The flight is supposed to join Colt at WP3. I had him in sight tried to anchor at WP3, even flew in formation for some time, but nothing happen. Colt doesn't make radio contact.


No F10 option in the radio menu (green on ch3), ILS full alignement and alt Angel 16.


I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please :helpsmilie:


Thank you in advance,

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Probably related to this bug:



It seems that the latest update brought about two crucial bugs from the point of view of the campaign.


First one stops recognizing player when he enters a set trigger zone, which will break a couple of missions (luckily I mostly used "UNIT INSIDE ZONE" which works, but in some instances, especially where you fly with a wingman, I also use "PART OF GROUP IN ZONE" which does not work ATM). This can have different consequences from not hearing some messages to not being able to progress.


Second one affects all missions with wingman - the triggered audio messages from your wingman won't be heard anymore.


Quote is regarding the campaign but should also apply here. so sadly nothing we can do other than wait for a fix...

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