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Skin Request-George "Buzz" Beurling

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cpu:I7-6700k Z170 16GB Ram DDR4 Gtx 1080 8Gb DDR5 11GBs SSD 500 Gb 2 HDD 1Tb Evga supernova G2 850w Case Bequiet series 800 Silent base Win 10 pro 64 bit


My wishlist: F-35/B-17G/F4U Corsair/Yak-3/P-40B Tomahawk

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"Buzz" was a nickname the media gave him, as it was a bit more user friendly than "Screwball". He was dubbed Screwball by his fellow pilots because he'd use the word repeatedly when complaining about various things on Malta "These screwball flies..." etc.


There are a couple of books written about him, "Hero" by Brian Nolan is pretty good. A natural pilot, and a true artiste savant when it came to gunnery, but also a borderline sociopath :)


Those interviews are so corny, if it sounds like he's reading from a script, HE IS. Everything was written out in advance and adhered to.

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