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mission 1

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Hi I hope someone can help. I just bought this campaign and at the start my flight would not start. but now my flight is starting there are no triggers so I can't complete this mission.

There seems to be some issues with triggers in missions since the latest update. The powers to be are working on it. Now is a good time to get some practice in with all our new toys.



My Rig; Intel i7 3770K @ 3.5_32GB RAM_GTX 1080 _X55 Rhino Throttle_TM_Warthog Flight Stick_TM Pedals_28" 4K Eyeball Bleeding Monitor::doh:

Take off is optional, landing is not::pilotfly:

FC3; CA; NTTR; P51; Spitfire; F86F; Mig15; F5; KA-50; AJS 37 Viggen; UH-1H; F18C; A10-C;M2000;AV8B-N/A;Christen Eagle;

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