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A couple of INS Queries


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Morning all,


I have a couple of queries regarding the INS in the Mirage and I'm hoping you can help...


I'm OK with configuring the INS - I can set my initial position, configure some waypoints, take off and navigate, I'm OK with that. Most of the time I fly with Auto-Navigation on, and this leads to question one: I like to fly with the INS mode set to Bearing/Distance, however when I cross a waypoint, only DEST increments - PREP stays in whatever waypoint I was configuring before. Is there a way I can synchronise the increment of PREP and DEST?


Next, I managed to completely screw up the INS mid flight. I tried to perform an INS update, but when I looked at the Lat/Long difference (^L/^G), it read all 0's. I got over my waypoint again, hit the REC button and "N.DEG" appeared in the INS status window - my INS required alignment.


There are actually two questions here: firstly, what did I do wrong to cause the INS to 'unalign' when trying to perform a position update, and secondly, is there a way I can conduct an in-flight alignment of the INS, or perhaps another position update to ditch the N.DEG notification?




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You already have bering and distance to DEST on HSI & HUD.

There is no way to automatically increase PREP.


In fact the wiser use of bearing distance reading on PCN would be to set PREP to DEST+1, so when you arrive on DEST you can anticipate your turn to next waypoint.


Sorry, I don't know what happened to your INS update.

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