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Tacview holiday sale: 40% off on all Tacview licenses!


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Tacview holiday sale has started!


From Dec 21st to Jan 4th, 40% off on all Tacview licenses including group buy.




If you want to upgrade you Home edition to the Professional one, please send me an email with your name and current product key. I will return you a coupon to buy the upgrade at the reduced price.


Do not worry if I do not answer right away, be assured that you will get a reply as soon as possible.




2017 may very well be the beginning of a new golden age for the whole flight sim community. Great products and features are coming for many of our favorite flight simulators. Long awaited features are coming to Tacview very soon!


The first improvements will be for the proud owner of the professional edition:

  • With the real-time flight data recording you will be able to watch in real-time the battlefield. Handy for commanders and referees.
  • As a bonus, you will get a free remote-control* to trigger failures, change the environment and controls up to four client simulators at once! Quite handy to reduce the workload of a friend learning how to fly and to test and improve trainees’ skills.

These two features will work first with all flight simulators which offer open export capabilities. A Falcon 4 version may come afterward if it is possible to do it.


Many more features coming this year to all Tacview users and for all flight simulators: Like improved terrain rendering, more advanced telemetry, improved cockpit view…


*Batteries Not Included

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I'm back and forth on which edition to purchase, home or professional. Not sure if full blown will really benefit me.

Intel i5-9600K @ 3.7GHz

Gigabyte Z370XP SLI Mobo

G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 8GB 256-Bit GDDR6(Assume the latest driver version)

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Certified Liquid Cooling System

Windows 10 Professional

Oculus Rift-S /TrackIR 5 in case VR dies

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog w/ Thrustmaster T-Flight Rudder Pedals

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Each edition specific features are detailed here:



I do not want to bias you in any way, but for example, I do know that the online-debriefing feature is very popular among virtual squadron.


This feature enables you to connect to each other and share the exact same view of the battlefield in Tacview. You can then highlight specific actions and objects to debrief together your last mission for example.


That is why, if you are a member of a squadron or fly with a friend, I would suggest at least the home edition so you can join online debriefings. Note that you will need at least one Professional edition to host an online debriefing session.

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