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Which joystick would best equate to the radar Stick in the Viggen ?


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I'm thinking of buying a joystick to operate the radar but i've noticed the radar stick has a scroll wheel and i can't find one with a scroll wheel. Anyone know of one ?


Same problem here, need to find a base where the handle not returning to center when "hands off" and with some level of stiction.

Got a Cougar base at hand but the quiz is how to get the handle to stay in a chosen position


edit: have'nt checked the handle of 37 yet but plan is to do it next stop on VFM in early -17.

If it's same or close as in the 35 Draken, the scroll wheel is with limited movement with a center detent, need a good quality mini pot to mod a standard handle.

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Logitech G940 have 3 analog axis purposed for trimming on its base. Unfortunately is end of life.

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Preferably one with a scroll wheel, a 3 way switch and a trigger with two detents. An old X-52 sort of have two of those.


I have an old X52 but it needs new springs because it wont center properly and i cant find any. But the lack of a scroll wheel is annoying.

The Warthog would be my main.

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Imho the only stick with a scroll wheel was Saitek Cyborg X, aka Mad Catz F.L.Y.5


I had one , it wasn't an axis, it was 2x button switches and the wheel had dents & ridges on the inside that would depress and release the depending which way you scrolled wasn't very accurate either would sometimes not register the the press if quickly scrolled form one direction to another


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I only have extra my old Cougar. Joystick: Trigger with two detents - check, no threewayswitch but can simulate with CMS up/dn/left - halfcheck, scrollwheel - shit.

TQS: I set my hope to Snail here find a smart solution for that instead I think..




I'll keep you posted :-)

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Ah I was thinking fighterstick
I use a CH Fighter stick USB for the WO in the Gazelle.


It works perfect!


I will use it with the Viggen as well.


It has a throttle pot which can be assigned as you wish Plus lots of buttons.


I have two joysticks, one home made cyclic, a home made collective, a Warthog throttle and two button boxes using Leo Bonder boards as well as saitek panels.


The saitek TPM panel is recognized as axis's in windows without any other software installed.


They work great for the Gazelle Fuel and rotor levers.


I also have a multi switch panel from VR insight that has a small joystick included.


There are many options to choose.


Check the leo bonder web site. With some of his boards you can connect old non-working joysticks so they are recognized as USB devices. This is what I did with the cyclic and collective. I re-purposed three old non working joysticks into the cyclic and collective.

They work perfect!

Up dated the pots to encoders as well.

They were 15 years old! Now work again!

I knew I did not throw them away for a reason!


Hope this helps



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