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P-51 (noob) pilot seeking realism squadron


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Looking for the most immersive possible DCS experience flying my P-51.


I'm a noob learning the ropes currently, and my time commitment would be about 6 hours per week at this time.


What I really want is realistic communication and coordination with other pilots, preferably on the level of some of the "realism" units in Arma who do things like forbid speaking if you are dead etc.


Please respond to this thread and/or PM me on this forum.


Thank you for your consideration,


Trip "RIP" Rodriguez


Demo of my 6DOF Motion VR Sim:

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Gonna be tuff in the Mustang as there is no enviroment available yet that correctly suits many ww2 prop flyers. Once Normandy is out expect that to change. If your willing to look at other aircraft types, you will have more luck finding what your looking for.


In regards to dead is dead. There might be guys out there doing that during mutiplayer tournaments or when you die in training you shutup in the debrief. Outside of that don't expect it. I'd start out more casual if I where you until flying becomes more 2nd nature then ramp it up.

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