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Shadows on wing issue


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I am using the spity with the rift cv1. I noted with sun to one side and looking at the opposite wing you can see the shadow of the body of the plane plus also the pilots head. Dependant on the bank of the aircraft the pilots head disappears but the aircraft shadow remains. It does not disappear all at once but disappears progressively as if there is a hidden boundary. I have also noticed that the shadow to the protrusions on the top of the wing disappear towards the edge of your vision once again as if there is a hidden boundary.


I7 5930 16gb SSD gygabyte 1080 water cooled

F/A-18C Campaigns : The Serpent’s Head / The Serpent’s Head 2


I9 9900K @ 5.0Ghz / Gigabyte 2080ti water force extreme / 32 Gb RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum 3600 / 2Tb Samsung 970 Evoplus NVMe M.2 / Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas / Thrustmaster Pedals / Valve Index.

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