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Really looking forward to Viggen


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I have MIG-21 BiS. So I am expecting same flight fidelity from Viggrn. In the mean time , when will Viggen be in DCS 1.5.5 as non-flyable aircraft, and how close would the ai controlled capabilities be to the flyable model?


F-5, Viggen, Mig-21Bis, UH-1H, MI-8, Mirage 5-2000C, F/A-18C, A-10C (without pod and GPS embedded INS , is an A model). All thse are high fidelity flight models and systems modeling. Its like we are simming in late 1980's - late 1990's End Cold War/Post Cold War period prior to GWOT. I like it, those were good times for me, being GenXer. Now we need F-16C Block 50, and MIG-29SMT( fully simmed and sytemed MIG-29C), and fully simmed and systemed SU-27BM, AH-1W(USMC and US Army National Guard), and we got ourselves a decent set of period systems.

Really would like to see Baltic campaign set in 1993 - 1995 context.


Don't know if anyone cares, but I would love following modules. A-4M, Sepecat Jaguar, Tornado GR-4(UK and German Kriegsmarine), and AV-8B sim!!!!. Especcially Harrier!

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