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Mousejoy and keytrackir in flight simulator


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Mousejoy and keytrackir in flight simulator (vJoy+Opentrack)



Files: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/JbVb/4QrezzS5R


Original in Russian, sorry for mistakes (Google translate).

Note.: in the description of the video indicated its contents (you can select the fragment):


0:25 - entry (mousejoy/keytrackir dignity);

11:41 - a description of the necessary programs;

12:41 - installation vJoy;

16:50 - installation FreePIE;

18:34 - a description of the FreePIE-script (mousejoy and keytrackir);

21:04 - installation Opentrack;

23:30 - how to start the system for use in games;

28:00 - use in the game - DCS;

37:09 - tuning curves keytrackir in Opentrack;

45:50 - Demonstration of the script (command key);

53:59 - use in the game - IL2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow

1:05:26 - set the mouse cursor overlay in IL2 BoS (via PlayClaw);

1:10:26 - use in the game - IL-2: Forgotten Battles;

1:17:27 - a reference to the game server "Legends of Aviation":

1:18:05 - use mousejoy control helicopter Ka-50 in DCS;

1:23:36 - editing control scripts FreePIE.

P.S. suitable for any version of Windows, from XP (Win10 work on me has not been tested, but should be no problem).

P.S.S. because vJoy in possible conflict with the "old mousejoy" PPJoy, PPMouse etc. - Preferably on the installation and use of their vJoy disable / remove.


Command Keys control script FreePIE:


Q - centered view

W - up review

S - down review

A - an overview of the left

D - an overview of the right



Z - activating all the control axes (X, Y, RZ, Z)

X - axis activation (Z, RZ - yaw), the other axis is blocked

Tab - to disable all axes (X, Y, RZ, Z)

[- Reduction of the sensitivity axes (X, Y) c 10% increments

] - Increasing the sensitivity axes (X, Y) c 10% increments

'- Reset sensitivity axes (X, Y) to 100%

Left mouse button - Joy button 1

Rights mouse button - Joy button 2

Middle mouse button - Joy button 3

Mouse wheel - Z axis


Enjoy your flight!

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