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Just started updating DCS, first it updated to 1.55, then I started to update to 2.04 - altogether it needs to download over 20 gigs data + plus the copying from stable version to 2.


Anybody in ED have any idea what this kind of file transferring does to SSDs? I don't wanna be buying new SSDs because DCS feels to write and write ridiculous amounts of data to discs. There needs to be more efficient way of handling updates. My both versions were updated and working ok, say some 2 months tops ago. Why do I need to download that large amounts of data again? Over 20 gigs of old data have changed?

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DCS World 2.x got a huge update in November: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2956109&postcount=19

A lot of new airfields got active in Nevada, so you need to download new graphics packages!

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All of my drives are SSD's so it would have no choice.


It downloads or copies from other dcs installs if they are on SSD's there is no way around that, or am I missing the point?

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It won't 'do' anything to your SSD. The issue with SSDs having a more limited lifespan was from early model ones. Your SSD will not die because it's being 'used too much'. And even then it wasn't 'oh it died after a week' it was 'oh it only lasted a few hundred thousand hours instead of a million'. Nothing to worry about either way.

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