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which best setting for oculus rift vc1


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Turn off DSR, MFAA, triple buffering, vertical sync, and everything else to uses 3d application settings in nvidia control panel.


Turn off DoF, MSAA Vsync, and shadows in DCS. Crank pixel density up to 2.5 in the VR tab.

When you get in cockpit, press rctrl numpad 1 to turn off ASW in the rift. Aside from that, just tweak it to your own preferences.

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I would agree, with the exception of turning off ASW.



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Hello I got my Rift for Christmas and have been playing with settings.

I have a similar rig to yours but your card is more powerful. Oh and I upgraded to W10 especially for the rift

Here are some screens of my settings. Hope they help. I should say that I got to these settings over a couple of days, I presume occulus patched the software after installation because it is getting better all the time



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