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90% FPS loss at certain Spots


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Haven't played DCS for quite a while, thought to fire it up and finally do the Huey campaign.

Most of the time i have between 80 and 150 FPS with the settings i chose. But i discovered two spots so far where my FPS drop to around 10-15(!).


One spot is the city next to the oil platform in the oil platform landing quick mission. As long as it isn't in my field of view i have superb FPS, but as soon as a part of it enters the screen, FPS fall down to around 20 (from over 100). Ok, not crucial.


Second spot is the UN base that is part of every Huey campaign mission. When i approached it in the first mission my FPS dropped from around 100 to 11! Starting second (or every other) mission doesn't make it better..always between 10 and 20 FPS. That makes the whole campaign virtually unplayable, and is a real bummer.


I wonder where it's coming from? Doesn't have to do with trees or big cities, already checked those places, having no FPS drop what so ever.


Changing graphics also doesn't change the FPS at those bad spots.


Makes me wanna wipe it of the drive in an instant again.

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