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JTAC not responding

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I know this is a question many have asked before... but JTAC won't respond to radio calls. I put a blue HMMWV TOW near a red transport truck and followed all of the instructions from tutorials on how to set up JTAC. I spawned in my Mirage, tuned JTAC with easy comms, contacted them... and no response. There's gotta be a fix for this... .miz attached. JTAC is a bit southeast of Sukhumi. :doh:


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I'm having a similar issue with the A-10C. Except I DO get the JTAC to respond up to a certain point. The JTAC stops responding once I get to "ready to copy remarks" point. It's been a consistently repeatable issue in both GA Hammer and Enemy Within (the only 2 campaigns i've played lately with JTAC).

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