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A question about the Navy Supermod.


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with the F-111, can the underbelly of the fuselage and wings be given some colour? Or is there any way to add a new scheme to it? :helpsmilie: At the moment there's only the


Hopefully Brit, if you're out there you can help me out.


Purely by chance I happened to be passing by this morning . . . . grin.



And I'm afraid not - the skins for the F-111 model (from Flanker 2, no less . . . . it's old!) are set up so that there is no way you can assign a colourscheme to the bottom. Will see if I can find the original thread where it's discussed in detail.


A new model with a better skin setup would probably fix it, if you want to set someone going on that project in the 3D modelling forums ;)

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